Australia Food World supports its producers with a complete range of services:

One-stop-export solution

We are not just promoting your products, but we are your complete export solution, covering promotion, sales, transportation and payments.

Cooperating with Australia Food World you don´t have to worry anymore about your export development.

Minimal export development costs

We know the financial limitations of small food & beverage producers. To take advantage of the Global Food World solution you only pay a small yearly listing fee.

With costs less than one travel would take, you products become distributed globally.

Digital product presentation

Through our state-of-the-art B2B digital catalogue we present your products with all details, in a modern, attractive design and an easy-to use functionality for buyers.

Though we have many products for the supply of buyers, our digital catalogue supports them in identifying the right products in short time.

Promoting your brand

In fine food business the story of the producers play an important role for the marketing of the products. We strongly believe that our producers’ brands are an important asset to Global Food World.

We promote your brand and your corporate profile, in order to present to buyers the people behind the products.

Your price policy

Prices are always important, but we don´t want them to be the main argument for promoting your products. We focus on high-quality, selected products and we let you define the price policy for your products.

So, it is on you how you want to position your products in the markets.

Strategic partnerships vs. spot trading

We are not aiming at occasional trades but focus on long – term partnerships with producers and buyers, which create a prosperous and sustainable cooperation.

For this we analyze the profile of each buyer and discuss their preferences to match them with the appropriate producers.

Improving your competitiveness

Based on our expertise, vast experience and buyer preferences, we can help you to systematically improve your competitiveness in terms of your product design, product presentation, labelling, marketing and price policy.

International Promotion

Cooperating with Australia Food World your products are promoted in the leading international food & beverages fairs and many special local buyer events, which we organize in the markets around the globe.

Tailor-made projects

We support our producers in special projects, developing together with buyers projects with tailor-made requirements. This category of projects provides higher profit margins and long-term relationships with buyers.

Tailor-made projects are for us an important service to buyers and producers.

Managing all logistics

A small producer cannot organize worldwide product delivery at competitive terms. Global Food World can!

Through our international logistic management, we can deliver even smaller quantities and a mix of products at optimal costs.

Financial clearing

You sell your products to us and we manage all issues from there. You don´t have to worry about any credit insurance, credit lines, or financial risks.

As strategic partner for the buyers we have the ability to achieve agreements which are not possible for a single producer.

Join Australia Food World and see your exports boosting.